Thursday, December 14, 2006

Selling/Flipping Blogs Websites

I came across this article on selling blogs of for an income .
Read his story, its very interesting, Could you do this?

Since I most recently sold The Poker Blog I will base the advice on the success of this sale. While I’m describing how to flip blogs, almost all of this applies to selling content sites or communities as well.
Build itFirst, you need to build a blog (or website). When you’re building a new blog you should think about what adds value to a website. I try to work on a few key areas that I think will help make a sale.1. Content - People are looking to buy websites that have a lot of original content. This means less work for them. The beauty of buying an established website is that it already has a lot of content and requires a lot less work. With The Poker Blog I posted everyday for 3 months. . .. Google loves new content and I was rewarded with a PageRank of 5 on their first update after The Poker Blog launched.3. If someone has a question or a comment about the site I respond as quickly as I can. Some sales get negative comments and people question how honest the seller is, but I have never had that happen, I actually get comments from people that tell me I have a great site!Flipping websites can be very profitable, it’s actually how I made money all summer because I didn’t have much luck finding a job. I’m glad I didn’t find a real job though, I learned a lot building websites and selling them and it was much more satisfying than working 9-5 all summer.
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Flipping blogs | College-Startup

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