Monday, December 11, 2006

Links To Your site

The Power of Links
Write down 10 reasons why someone would want to link to your site — Get your site linked on and other social bookmarking sites — every extra link helps; include your press releases here, too# Handle misspellings in your meta keywords tag or in a glossary — not everyone can spell correctly, but make sure you do * Common misspellings in your meta keywords won’t influence your rank, but will show SEOs a potential connection there# Cross link within your site — your anchor text is helpful to visitors and SEs; * Repeating key navigation at the bottom of each page helps and also saves your visitors the trouble of having to scroll to the top * Site maps help here, too, but be sure to include an introductory paragraph and explanatory phrases for the humans.
The search engines like to see relevant links to your topic.They treat you as an authority the more links you have

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