Saturday, April 12, 2014

Frontline Solo Workshop with John Cornetta

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Sell Information Products

Sunday, August 11, 2013

How To Make money On Craigslist

Just found this powerpoint presentation on Craigslist 

This Stupid Simple System Really Works

I came across the post on Craigslist

How To Make Money Daily On Craigslist

This is how to make money daily on craigslist

Why is it our back has to be against the wall before we become teachable? I say this because a few years ago George  became extremely teachable when he lost his high paying day job to “corporate downsizing”.

Within 2 years of being laid off, he was so low on cash he became desperate and found himself selling off his personal treasures on CraigsList.

He sold his golf clubs, hiking gear, electronic gadgets even bedroom furniture. He sold just about anything that wasn’t nailed down.
His stuff sold fast and he made good money. Most of the time within an hour after posting an ad, he had cash money in hand. Selling on craigslist was fun and it was fast becoming addictive!

It soon became clear to him that if he had something of value to sell and could post an ad everyday on craigslist, he could make just as much money as he made on his old day job and work one fraction of the time and do it all from home.

It was then that he noticed that certain ads were running over and over again. If he knew anything is that if an ad was running over and over again, then there is someone making money from that ad over and over again.

For nearly six months, he studied these ads; how they were written, what they were selling and the specific times of day they would run and then …BINGO!

In one instant, it all made since. He saw exactly how these people where using these ads over and over again and making money. He saw what they were selling, how they were selling it and how they were generating cash sales on craigslist every single day.If you want to know. 

 How to make money on craigslist click the link  below