Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chris Carpenter Info Cash Review

My  Review Of Chris Carpenter's Info Cash.

  I requested a review copy of Info cash before it was launched.I only had access to it for 48 hours.

Who is Chris Carpenter? You may or may not know Chris was the producer of the incredibly successful Google Cash program may years ago.It was a best seller on clickbank for about three years.
It was an affiliate marketing product based around using ppc Pay Per Click with Google Adwords. At that time google allowed direct linking for affiliate ads.But things changed.

Fast Forward 2013 June 18 Chris Has released Info Cash.He has been secretly using this system himself to make thousand of dollars per month(his claims)online.

What is Info Cash? It's a very comprehensive video training course on using Pay Per Click PPC for todays market.

If you are an affiliate marketer, a business opportunity seeker or in the work from home niche this would work for you.
He has developed a 7 step system which he claims to be the fastest and easiest way to make money online!
With Info cash you can make money online
  • Without a website
  • Without a product
  • No email List
  • And very little Technical experience.
Info cash course is broken into 3 phases. There is a very comprehensive step by step online video training system online

In Phase 1. He focuses on direct linking ppc for affiliate marketing. Really aimed at the newbies. The videos go through step by step how to find a product setup a campaign. This is certainly the easiest way for a newbie with little experience to start making money. He goes into using Bingads,Facebook to name a couple and how to go about setting up these direct linking campaigns without your own website.You could just continue with this strategy if you didn't want to continue on with the learning.

In Phase 2 He teaches you how to create your own email list .He also goes into using wordpress, list building, conversion tracking and talks about publishing.This really builds on phase 1 but allows you to maximize your results by creating a list to sell to.
In Phase 3 His students go on to learn how to create their own information products, whether that be ebook, audio book, video even membership websites.
Obviously it may take newbies several months to get to this stage but there is no necessity as good money can be made from phase 1. & 2

In Summary There are hours and hours of video training on the website and in the 48 hours I had to have a look I could not get through it all. I did manage to go through all the phase 1 videos and I found them to be very professional, easy to follow and methodical that I believe anyone could follow and be able to get a campaign up an going within days. It's like google adwords on steroids, because of the advent of facebook and bing. I did manage to get through most of phase 2 and only get to skim over phase 3. Time just didn't permit and I needed to sleep. But I did manage to get a couple of campaigns up as well in that 48 hours.
In a way the concept is not new 1 start as an affiliate 2 create a mailing list 3 produce your own product.
If you have experience online phases 2 and phase 3 may not offer much new. But on the other hand if you wanted to look at using pay per click and how he does it well it's worth getting it for phase 1 alone.
For the newbies, people wanting to start an online business it gets the thumbs up from me.It certainly is the quickest way to start making money online and then you can increase your learning at your own pace.
I believe it is very ,very, reasonably priced when you consider the hours of training and the steps he sets out for you to follow.

The launch price is $47.00 for lifetime access with a 60 day Money Back Guarantee .
There is an upsell for $197 which includes coaching.

Honestly I think it is certainly worth it. Get it use it and you be the judge!

He has a free video you can get access too


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